Predator Batteries

The Predator range of motorcycle and powersports batteries is one of the most comprehensive ranges available in Australia.


Made by one of the world’s leading motorcycle and AGM battery manufacturers, Predator Motorcycle & Powersport batteries offer the enthusiast a truly world class battery at a value for money price.


AGM Deep Cycle Range

The Predator Deep Cycle range are true, dedicated Deep Cycle batteries. With all the features of the General-Purpose range but with thicker, stronger high-density plates designed to withstand repeated long, deep discharges. When it comes to Deep Cycle applications, quality matter! Unlike other Deep Cycle manufacturers, we do not cut corners when making the Predator Ed series of Deep Cycle batteries. 

ES Range

The Predator ES range are multi-purpose AGM batteries. Ideal for stand-by or float application, they are designed for everyday use, general and light cycling duties. With the ES models available in sizes from 1.3ah up to 22an, there is a Predator ES battery available to meet your needs.

AGM Powersports

The Predator AGM Powersports batteries are designed to provide you with higher amp hour capacity, longer cycle-life and greater durability. The AGM and Through-The-Wall (TTP) intercell connector technology delivers superior strength and vibration resistance, even in the most extreme conditions.


The conventional flooded have heavy duty glass mat/PE composite separators to improve vibration resistance and through-the-wall(TTP) intercell connectors which minimise internal resistance for maximum power. Quick remove vent caps and transparent casing make checking electrolyte levels easy and no fuss.


The Predator X-Series is built for performance, with superior starting power, high reserve capacity and long lasting life to give you more freedom out on the open road or the open sea. The AGM design allows easy stress free installation with no chance for acid spills, making it the smarter choice for powering your prized equipment.


Battery Applications