Dolphin Battery Charger​


These battery chargers are full switch-mode 3-stage chargers offering a continuous charge with precise voltage regulation. They are special-purpose float chargers, so if you need to leave your battery unattended for days or weeks for which you can’t use a ‘normal’ charger, these chargers will solve the gassing, overcharging, low electrolyte and short battery life problems associated with cheaper (car) chargers. 

They are designed for marine use with powder-coated aluminium casings and marinised circuit boards. These chargers are top of the range.

The brand-new PROLITE battery charger from Dolphin offers the complete technical specifications on the market: this series is mart (featuring Bluetooth interface and new “Dolphin Connect” App), efficient, compact, fan-less/silent, ignition-protected (ISO8446) as well as water resistant (IP65). Oh.. and it comes with a 2 year warranty. What else could you need?


AC/DC battery chargers from 10A to 60A. Over 75000 units have been sold worldwide. The perfect choice for sailboats and other pleasure craft for all coastal yachting activities. Safe, robust and efficient. Just plug and play.

Ultra Strong connectors

Dolphin Premium chargers feature rock solid, industrial type connectors and super easy, plug and play wiring.

Super safe and reliable

Dolphin Premium chargers deliver full power (no derating) even at high temperatures (up to 50°C/122°F). They come in a robust and compact casing.

100% compatible

Dolphin Premium chargers will work with any battery on the market.


Battery Applications


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