Redarc Chargers and Sine Wave Inverters

Redarc Chargers

The most powerful and compact DC to DC battery charger Australia has to offer, you can have peace of mind with REDARC.

No matter what kind of battery charging system you’re after, REDARC has the solution. Our wide selection of DC to DC battery chargers are designed to keep your battery charged whilst driving and will fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%.

REDARC’s range of In-Vehicle Dual Battery Chargers are designed, built and tested in Australia for our unique conditions to make sure they won’t let you down.

With the features including a fully sealed construction and fan-free cooling-water, dust and vibration are no match for the In-Vehicle Dual Battery Charger… you can be assured they can handle the roughest tracks in outback Australia and the deepest water crossings in Cape York.

REDARC’s knowledge of Australian conditions is engineered into every unit. All models operate up to a market-leading 80°C meaning they are going to work in even the most extreme heat of the Simpson Desert.

A higher operating temperature and compact size also allow for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to inside a van or camper trailer.

Look at all the benefits….

  • Multi-stage charging saves you money by maximising battery life
  • Increase run time of loads like fridges and lights
  • Allows for flexible installation in 12 or 24 volt vehicles
  • Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs

Redarc Pure Sine Wave Inverter

REDARC pure sine wave inverters produce a pure sine wave output.  This means the power output from a REDARC pure sine wave inverter is not only the same as the mains supply… it’s often even better!

You probably already know that inverters are a great way to power 240 volt appliances on the road.

What you may not know is that not all inverters are created equal.

The output from many inverters is a modified sine wave, inferior to the 240-volt mains power supply and inferior to a pure sine wave power supply.

REDARC pure sine wave inverters produce a pure sine wave output.

  • Take all the comforts of home whilst you travel
  • Appliances will run smoothly and efficiently, producing less heat and noise
  • Designed to run any 240 volt equipment
  • Multiple levels of protection
  • Six models in 12 or 24 volt inputs

Electric Brake Controllers

There’s only one real choice when it comes to electric braking for your caravan or trailer… REDARC Tow-Pro. No matter what you’re towing, the REARD Tow-Pro has you covered.

The Tow-Pro Elite and Tow-Pro Classis are simple to install, work with electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes and are AL-KO ESC and Dexter Sway Control System compatible.

Both are seamlessly mounted in a blank switch panel, and unused area of the dashboard or centre console. This overcomes the possible intrusion of traditional brake controllers into the driver’s leg space and potential interference with lower airbags. in newer vehicles.


  • Smooth trailer braking response
  • AL-KO ESC and Dexter Sway Control System compatible
  • Safe braking at your fingertips
  • The main unit is installed out of sight.


Braking down on the side of the road is the last thing you want when you’re off on a 4WD adventure. Even if your 4WD is brand new, the harder you push it, the harder the engine or your battery management system has to work to keep up. With REDARC’s 52mm gauges, you can track how your vehicle is doing at any given moment and avoid being stranded with an overheated or run-down engine.

When it comes to keeping your off-road vehicle in tip top shape, oil pressure and temperature gauges are must haves. With an oil pressure gauge, you can ensure that the correct pressure is maintained in your vehicle and that your car bearings are well lubricated. This is particularly crucial when you are travelling at continuous speeds and towing heavy loads.


The REDARC Smart Start is a microprocessor-controlled battery isolator designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system, protecting the smart battery from excessive discharge, whilst allowing the auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads.

The REDARC Smart Start is designed primarily for use in 4WD and commercial vehicles and is available in for modes; 12 or 24 volt DC incorporating 100 or 200 amp continuous ratings. The 200 amp models are designed for extremely heavy duty operations.

The REDARC Smart Start is Australia’s most trusted dual battery isolator and is used by 4WD clubs throughout the country.


  • Charge your auxiliary battery whilst you drive
  • Cost-effective protection against a flat battery
  • A safe way to charge your auxiliary battery
  • Compact in size and easy to install
  • POwer-saving technology





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