ePower Chargers

The Enerdrive ePOWER charger is fully automatic, “set and forget” charger. It is designed too quickly and accurately recharge your batteries using algorithms that help maximize service life. Multistage charging technology enable the charger to be connected to your battery bank permanently.

As dictated by battery  manufacturors recommendations, batteries required a multistage charge sequesnce for perfect, fast and accurate charging. ePOWER multistage smart chargers deliver four primary charge stages.





ePower Inverters

What can a True Sine Wave Inverter do for you?

We have been very impressed with the ePower inverters, they offer very good value for money and all our in house testing shows them to be great quality.  

The Ready to Go inverter packages allow for quick installation of an RCD protected 230V circuit from you 12 volt power supply.  Only connection of the DC supply is needed.  They come on a sturdy powder coated frame, the 240V plug is locked so you cannot bypass the RCD and have a dual outlet GPO.

The Enerdrive ePOWER 400W, 1000W & 2000W true sine wave power inverter converts 12V battery power into true sine wave AC household power, allowing you to run loads up to 2000 watts. Electronic equipment and circuitry are designed to operate with a true sine wave, so most loads will perform better when connected to true sine wave.

With ePOWER’s state of the art, easy to use design, these inverters will offer you reliable service for providing AC power and 5V USB power for your home, boat, caravan, 4WD or commercial vehicle. The Enerdrive ePOWER Inverter can run many AC powered appliances when you need AC power anywhere. The 5V USB power can charge many USB powered devices.


Solar Panels and Controllers

Stand Alone / Fixed Solar Panel

Enerdrive has a range of Mono & Poly Crystalline solar panels from 10 to 2000 watts. Each module is typically around 20+vdc open circuit and are well suited to 12v installations (or 24v by series connections of panels)

A fly lead cable is provided for easy connection of the 10 & 20w panels while the larger panels have MC4 compatible solar cable connectors included.  Enerdrive stocks a full range of spare cables.

With the mass of factories developing solar panels around the world, the biggest choice is “Where to buy” & even more importantly “What quality and support I’m getting”.

Folding / Portable Solar Range

Enerdrive offers great outdoor solution to keep your battery and 12 volt equipment going and going all year round in the sun.

The Enerdrive portable power anywhere solar kit features all the goods you require for portable solar power around your caravan, camp site, mooring or any other outdoor activity.

  • Quality Mono-Crystalline solar panels with solid 35mm double channel aluminum frames.
  • Sturdy legs to provide you with the best angle for the panels to the syn.
  • 5 meters of easy plug and play battery leads
  • A quality 10amp solar regulator with adjustable flooded or sealed type battery switch modes.
  • A string, durable canvas bag with carry bag for all accessories.

Solar Charge Controllers

For the maintenance free protection of your batteries and solar panels the controllers regulated output will prevent batteries overcharging. Load disconnect (LD) feature will protect batteries from being over discharged. 

  • 1 & 20 Amp Charge controllers
  • Protects battery from overcharge and discharge
  • Only for 12 Volt solar panels and batteries
  • Handles up to 20 Amps of array current
  • Handles up to 350 Watts of solar power
  • Maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries
  • Maintains battery voltage
  • Maintain 12V battery voltage
  • Maintain 12V batteries in  a fully charged state
  • LED status indicator provides quick reference to Charger, Battery and load status
  • Selectable battery type
  • Temperature compensation
  • High precision on voltage set-point
  • Wall mountable


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