AllSpark Lithium Batteries

AllSpark LiFePO4 batteries have been designed and developed by Offroad Living to meet our harsh Australian conditions.  

Equipped with an exclusive advanced, next generation solid state Battery Management System (BMS) that protects your battery from damage due to extremes of Current, Voltage and temperatures and ensures correctly balanced cells.  Designed to handle high vibration experienced in the Aussie outback corrugations or marine environments.


A quarter of the weight of an equivalent AGM 

2500-5000+ cycles vs 300-800 cycles for AGM

Rapid charge function allows charging in under 3 hours

Life expectancy up to 15 years, vs 1-3 years for AGM

95% charge efficiency vs 70-80% in AGM (meaning more of the power put into the battery is able to be stored)

5 Year Warranty (return to base, no cost to you) vs 1 year for AGM 

Run a 2500W Inverter off a SINGLE BATTERY – for high powered appliances, eg. coffee machines, toasters, kettles & air conditioners

Connect in parallel up to 600ah, and in series up to 24V

Designed to withstand high vibration environments 

Highest quality prismatic cells, each resistance matched for each battery to ensure ultimate longevity and performance

Contact us on  9446 6122 for more information about our Lithium Battery range.

product range

12V 100AH

12V 100AH Slimline

12V 150AH Slimline

12V 150AH


Battery Applications

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