Projecta Battery Chargers

Projecta’s range of battery chargers are some of the most well respected on market. Projecta is recognised as Australasia’s market leader in high-quality battery maintenance and battery power products and features the following product lines.Projecta

Charge N' Maintain

Charge N’ Maintain battery chargers are a safe and practical method for charging all your automotive and marine (starting) batteries. Perfectly suited to the home handyman the complete range can be left connected to the battery without risk of overcharging.

Projecta Pro Charge

The Pro Range is a range of sophisticated and easy to use battery chargers ideal for the home professional and suitable for a wide range of 12V lead acid batteries and battery sizes. Using advanced 6 stage charging technology, Pro-Charge maximises battery life and performance and can help restore drained and sulphated batteries. Pro-Charge is fully automatic, spark-free and polarity protected, and can be left connected to a battery indefinitely without overcharging.

Intelli Charge

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are ideal for in-vehicle applications and backup power, explaining their growing popularity in the premium caravan and camper trailer industry. When matched to a world class 5 stage charger such as the Projecta Intelli-Charge Lithium Range, the batteries will provide longer life, better power density, faster charge times, greater discharge and are inherently safer.

Projecta Inverters

Intelli-Wave Range

With class leading pure sine wave technology, Intelli-Wave delivers ultra clean power and unrivalled peak power performance to effortlessly run all your favourite appliances. Available from 150 up to 3000 Watts and featuring remote off/on switching on selected models, the Intelli-Wave range of inverters offers unsurpassed reliability and convenience.


Pro-Wave pure sine wave inverters have been specifically designed and built to deliver the next level of clean, reliable power, for those looking for greater performance over entry level modified pure sine wave inverters. Offering exceptional reliability, Pro-Wave is the ideal companion for all your adventures, be it for the avid traveller in search of remote outback destinations or the home handyman in need of good, clean power, no matter the location.



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