Amelec Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company and the proud owner of the interVOLT brand, a trademark registered in over 20 countries worldwide.

We have been producing specialized power control and conversion products for the transportation market for over 15 years. All our products are designed, developed and assembled in-house at our premises in Perth, Western Australia.

Our design ethos is based on quality, performance and value and we are committed to the ongoing development of our products. interVOLT products are designed to cope with the demands of the harshest applications, particularly in high temperature/high humidity environments. ey are constructed of quality materials, marine grade where applicable, and designed to provide many years of continuous service.

Our products are backed by an extensive research, engineering and testing program in order to deliver only the best products to our customers. In choosing an interVOLT product you are supporting Australian innovation, technology and intellectual property.

DCC Pro R2.0 Shifting things up….

In 2015 interVOLT launched the highly successful and innovative DCC Pro. In that time market needs have continued to evolve and so too has the DCC Pro.
This month interVOLT will release its updated version of the DCC Pro. This isn’t a second generation as such, but rather a revision of the original design in keeping with the changing needs of today’s in-vehicle dual battery systems.

Externally there are no physical differences between the original and revised DCC Pro. Both versions still feature the same dimensions and mounting footprint. This allows for easy retrofitting should there ever be a need to change out the charging device and display – upgrading to LiFePO4 batteries for example. Internally however upgrades have been made to both componentry and software to accommodate the changes and the all-new features added to the R2-0.


Battery Applications



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