Deka Batteries

The Deka Sports Power AGM was designed for more than performance; it as designed for the enthusiast.

The AGM technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety. The key to this technology is the highly porous microfiber separators, which completely absorb and trap the electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability.

Aimed at the motorcycle market, they are a fantastic battery for Harley’s and other motorbikes or if you want a great battery for you jet ski.

AGM batteries are great for these applications as they don’t require topping up, withstands vibration, wont leak if the bike gets laid over and hold there charge for a long time.

We do recommend using a maintenance charger like the Ctek XS800 if you are not using it often, using this will usually lengthen the life of the battery.


Battery Applications


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