Cover 80% of Motorcycles and ATV’s in Australia with ONLY 12 Motobatt Batteries!

Fast becoming a very popular motorcycle battery for their ease of use and high capacity.

Motobatt are a high quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) motorcycle battery.  Replace your wet battery with a premium quality sealed AGM battery.  This means no more topping up or playing with messy acid.

No initial charging is needed, install and you’re ready to go.

A very versatile range of motorcycle batteries, cover over 207 part numbers with just 38 MotoBatt batteries.  Very high quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries, they pack a huge punch for their size.  most come with multi terminals and easy accessory connection.  Specifically designed for motorcycles, boats and jet skis but could be used in other applications. View our Motobatt motorcycle battery Perth range today!

Motobatt are continually improving their batteries, some sizes have had increased CCA rating: click here.

Battery Applications


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