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    Xantrex™ ProSine Inverter

    Availabel in 12 and 24 volt, 1000 and 1800 watts.

    Prosine is lighter and more compact than other inverters with similar power ratings because it uses high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process. The power ratings of Prosine are taken at 40º Celsius, and this coupled with the unique cooling tunnel design means the heat is quickly removed from the unit. This design helps Prosine to provide power for loads up to 50% greater than its constant output.

    Innovative Features.
    Prosine features a standard removable LCD remote control panel. This panel can be located anywhere you choose & provides status information such as battery voltage, DC amperage being consumed and the AC wattage of your appliances. More importantly it provides an on/off switch to completely shutdown the unit when not in use (zero amperage drain on battery).

    The DC battery cable connection points are 8mm bolt posts that allows for DC cable connection of any size battery cable in a 180º rotation. Remember, battery cables are the lifeline to your inverter. The bigger the better. One of the best features of the PROsine is the seamless AC automatic transfer switch. This allows for the easy integration into the onboard AC power system to provide seamless integration between the mains / generator power and inverter power. The transfer versions and now the standard model we carry, and into 2006-07 will be the only model supplied.

    Powersave Mode.
    All inverters use DC power while not being used, and Prosine can easily be switched into powersave mode (by the remote control panel), which drops the stand by current to less than .1 of an amp. Power is restored if you turn an appliance on (2.5 second search mode), or simply switch the inverter back into normal power mode, with a stand by current of around .75 amps.

    • Delivers pure sine wave output.
    • Removable LCD remote control panel for inverter control and status.
    • Easy to use Powersave mode for low stand-by current.
    • Seamless AC mains to inverter transfer switch included (almost no break time on AC transfer).
    • Hardwire terminal strip inside unit for connections
    • Advanced cooling design to ensure maximum efficiency.
    • Two year warranty