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    Varta Batteries

    We are pleased to announce that we are stocking Varta batteries!!!



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    New Varta Start-Stop Plus Batteries (AGM).


    Already a growing presence on our roads, cars with Start-Stop systems are likely to become the norm in a few years.  Start-Stop systems automatically shut down and restart the engine to reduce the amount of time it’s idling, therefore shutting down on fuel consumption and emissions.  The majority of manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, Audi and many more) choose to fit Varta batteries.


    We are very impressed with the Varta Start-Stop Plus AGM batteries, designed to meet the huge energy and cyclic demands of the vehicles, they will deliver optimal performance and reliable starting power even when charge is low.


    Varta Silver Dynamic.

    Varta Silver Dynamic are ultra reliable and meet or exceed all OE requirements.  They have exceptionally high reserve capacity and superb cold start performance.  In short  are a premium lead acid battery that always deliver.


    Varta have a great reputation for being the best, manufactured in Germany to very strict standards.


     Click links below to download brochures:

    Varta Automotive Catalogue

    Varta Start-Stop Brochure

    Varta Silver Brochure

    Varta Start-Stop OE Reference List