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    Redarc Pure Sine Inverters | 240V power | Clean AC power


    Redarc pure sine wave inverters produce a pure sine wave output.  This means the power output from a REDARC pure sine wave inverter is not only the same as the mains supply... it's often even better!

    You probably already know that inverters are a great way to power 240 volt appliances on the road.

    What you may not know is that not all inverters are created equal.

    The output from many inverters is a modified sine wave, inferior to the 240 volt mains power supply.

    REDARC pure sine wave inverters produce a pure sine wave output.

    A pure sine wave is not only critical for the correct functioning of high end electronic equipment, it will also ensure that appliances run more smoothly, producing less heat and noise.


    • Pure sine wave output
    • Input and output are fully isolated
    • Load-controlled cooling fan
    • Multiple levels of protection including overload, short circuit and over-temperature


    • Run common household appliances in your vehicle
    • Designed to run any 240 volt device (dependent on power usage)
    • A cost-effective power solution
    • All the comforts of home, whilst you travel
    • Suitable for power tools and sensitive electronic equipment

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