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    Projecta Intelli-Wave


    Available in 12 volt 150, 300, 600 and 1000 watt version.

    Why Intelli-Wave?
    Projecta Intelli-Wave inverters deliver class-leading performance, power efficiency and reliability making them the choice of professionals. Engineered to produce ultra clean power, Intelli-Wave inverters feature exceptional peak power performance (200% capacity for 3 secs, 140% capacity for 3 mins) allowing them to effortlessly run demanding appliances such as fridges and power tools. All Projecta inverters are fully isolated and designed in accordance with Australian standards for safety and peace of mind.

    Pure Sine Wave Output
    Watch television without static, listen to an AM radio, play your favourite game on an XBoxTM, PlaystationTM or WiiTM, run a fluro, or power any other sensitive electrical appliance.
    Fully Isolated Design
    Safety is paramount around 240V and in particular with inverters which is why Projecta fully electrically isolates the DC (and therefore battery posts, vehicle chassis, etc) from the 240V AC circuit.
    Designed to AS4763
    Designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS4763 (Int): 2006 – Safety of Portable Inverters.
    Dust Proof
    Constructed from extruded aluminium, Intelli-Wave inverters are dust proof and shock resistant. The circuit boards have been conformal coated to protect against moisture and other elements so they are suitable for use in a range of locations.
    2 Year Warranty
    Australian designed and engineered, quality is guaranteed and all battery chargers include a 2 year comprehensive warranty.