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    Preventing Battery Explosions

    There have been a number of battery explosions recently, involving automotive starter batteries fitted to back-up diesel engine systems (generators).

    Fortunately no-one has been injured.  Investigation by WorkSafe has found that larger ""maintenance free"" batteries with no provision for topping up have been the cause.  The fluid is evaporating due to the combination of high ambient temperatures and high float voltages.

    We, along with WorkSafe are recommending to use batteries that have accessible caps to replenish the water.  Alternatively use VRLA (AGM or Gel) batteries but a temperature compensated charger MUST be used.

    If you would like any more information please contact Tony or Chris.


    Click to read the article from WorkSafe.


    New Varta Batteries

    We now have the full range of Varta Silver Dynamic and Varta Start-Stop Plus AGM.  These are the same batteries used in BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Landrover and many more.  For more info check out our Varta page or click on pics below.


    Varta Start-Stop AGM Plus

    Varta Silver Dynamic


    Rosco McGlashon Aussie Invader 5R

    We recently gave Rosco a few batteries to help him with his next attempt to break the world land speed record.  This time he is attempting to break 1000mph (1600kph).  Rosco is a really nice bloke and we wish him all the best.

    We are pretty chuffed at the though of some of our batteries helping Rosco get the world record.

    Check out his website http://www.aussieinvader.com/ for lots of interesting info.


    Xantrex Truecharge2 24V models

    We find the Xantrex chargers to have the right balance of quaity, features and price.

    24V models now available in 10A, 20A and 30A versions, this completes an excellent range of chargers with 12V models available in 20A, 40A and 60A.

    Main features include:

    • Charge up to 3 banks of batteries at the same time
    • Easy to select your battery type with flooded, Gel, AGM and calcium settings
    • Able to be mounted almost anywhere
    • Auto ranging input volatage accepted anywhere between 95-265 Vac
    • Optional accessoris include remote display panel and temperature sensor

    See our chargers page for more info




    New Projecta Products

    Projecta have released some great new products that we are excited about, and a nice new catalogue.  They have some great new products coming out over the next few months so we will keep you posted.

    The first is the BLT300, a new 1000A Carbon Pile Load Tester, will test 6, 12 or 24V systems.  It has a built in cooling fan and can test batteries up to 2000CCA.  The only other one on the market is the Durst which we sell for $1100, so it is great value. Click for BLT300 brochure


    The new VSR100, and VSR200 are very affordable voltage sensitive relays and the VSR100K is a dual battery kit, it comes with the VSR and accessories like leads, terminals etc.  Click for VSR brochure


    And lastly the DBM100 is an electronic dual battery monitor, great in 4WD.  Nice and compact and easy to install.  Click for DBM100 brouchure

     Give us a call for a price.

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