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    New Delkor Website

    The new Delkor website has a wealth of knowledge on all the Delkor products, inlcuding the new AGM batteries for start stop vehicles.




    An Understanding of New Battery Technology

    Now stocking EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries for Start Stop vehicles.


    This is great article explaining why newer vehicles require EFB and AGM batteries.  Well worth a read.


    Brands we stock for EFB are Challenge and AC Delco.

    Brands stocke for AGM Start Stop are Delkor and Varta.


    Our Vehicle Fitment guide has also been updated.


    ePower Chargers - New Arrival

    ePower Chargers by Enerdrive - The Perfect Charging Solution


    New chargers currently available in 12V 20A, 40A or 60A and can parallel 2 x 60A to give 12V 120A.  24V models to be released soon.


    Some very neat features in this charger including:

    • Charging battery banks with different chemistries ie AGM house batteries and flooded start batteries.
    • Battery bank one can have a different charging algorithm than banks 2 and 3
    • LED Display to let you know exactly what the charger is doing
    • Silent mode turns off the fan and limits output for total silence
    • Temperature sensor is included


    See the ePower charger page for more info...


    ePower Inverters - New Arrival

    Now in stock are the new ePower Inverters by Enerdrive.


    A lot of time has gone into the design stage to bring an amazing quality inverters at great prices.


    Check out the ePower product page for more info...


    Great article on how temperatures effect batteries.

    Interstate batteries in the US have recently published a great article on how temperature effects the life of automotive batteries.  


    We are lucky in Perth to not get extreme cold temperatures but it is our extreme heat that can dramatically shorten a batteries life.


    Interstate_Batteries: Cold Snaps Can Crimp Your Crank.pdf