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    Fullriver Batteries in PerthFullriver Battery Perth

    Current Fullriver Brochure

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    We currently stock a large number of the DC (Deep Cycle), an increasing number of the HC (High Capacity) and now some of the DCG (Deep Cycle Gel) and HGL (standby).


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    Fullriver DC Series Batteries

    Sealed AGM Batteries for Deep Cycle Service

    A deep-cycle battery (DC) range from 7Ah to 260Ah. The DC range has firmly placed Fullriver as the industries best known and trusted brand that set the standard that everyone else tries to copy when used in cyclic applications such as: caravans, RV, scooters, golf caddies, floor scrubber, electric outboard motors, solar, etc. The Deep Cycle series is also suitable as a dual purpose engine start & deep cycle for Marine usage.

    The Deep Cycle battery series typically has more capacity and longer cycle life and provides true deep cycle performance.  Also commonly used in Renewable Energy Systems, Golf and Utility Vehicles, Floor Machines and RV's to name a few.

    The most popular size is the DC105-12, the same size as Landcruiser/Patrol battery.  With 105A/H it has plenty of capacity and can handle a lot of abuse,  but... If you look after it and give it a charge every few months it will reward you with a long and meaningful life. View our huge range of Fullriver batteries available in Perth at our Osborne Park warehouse.

    Current Fullriver Brochure

    Some older Fullriver brochures, some sizing is wrong but some good info Fullriver DC brochure and another one here.


    Fullriver HC Series AGM Batteries

    AGM Batteries for High Cranking Service


    Deep Cycle Battery PerthWe are now stocking these powerhouse batteries.  These have enormous cranking power, the most we have ever seen.  They are great when huge starting power is needed and can even be used for light cycling duties also!

    The most popular are the HC100 and the HC105, with the HC100 cranking 950CCA and 100A/H and the HC105 cranking 1050CCA and 105A/H they are one of the most powerful on the market.  Most come in a protective steel case, this also helps when installed under the bonnet and works as a heat shield.


    Check out the current Fullriver brochure for current sizing but these older brochures still have some handy information  Fullriver HC brochure and another one here


    Click for HC Series Brochure.



    Fullriver DCG Series Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

    Gel Batteries for high cycle service life


    The Fullriver deep cycle gel batteries are designed for 700 cycles at 75% discharge, basically when the longest life is needed in demanding applications.

    They are commonly used in Floor Machines, Ride on Carts, Wheelchair and Renewable Energy plus many more applications.

    Check out the current Fullirver Brochure

    We are expanding the Gel range quite rapidly, please give us a call or email for availability.



    Fullriver HGL Series Standby Batteries

    AGM Batteries fro Standby and General Applications


    The affordable HGL series are generally used when occasional back up power is needed, we don't recommend these for deep cycle applications.  They are most commonly used as back up in house alarms, starting batteries for backup generators, emergency lighting and also fire and security systems.  The HGL range has been certified to be used in applications that require fire retardant batteries.

    Check out the Fullriver Brochure for more information.

    We don't stock the full HGL range, please email or give us a call for availability.



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