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    Challenge Batteries Fitment Guide

    Battery Part Number Cross Referance

    Fitment guide update form.

    Challenge Battery Specifications Chart.

    DIN (European) Batteries Cross Referance Chart

    Easy order form.

    Battery FAQ

    Battery part numbers and date codes explained

    Battery Construction Comparison - Flooded, Gel or AGM?

    Battery Care and Maintenance Tips

    Preventing Battery Explosions

    How to Look After Your Battery

    VRLA - Gel/AGM Technical Manual

    An Understanding of New Battery Technology


    AC Delco

    AC Delco Battery Guide

    AC Delco Application Guide

    AC Delco SMF Batteries Brochure



    BAE Gel Cell Specification


    Braille Lithium & AGM

    Braille Motorsports Catalogue

    Braille Powersports Catalogue

    Braille Complete Catalogue (Large Download 108Mb)

    Braille Black OASYS Catalogue


    Caterpillar Batteries

    Caterpillare Batteries Catalogue (This is a handy cross referance)



    Century Battery Talk Issue 1 - What are Silver/Calcium Batteries?

    Century Battery Talk Issue 2 - Battery Charging



    Spec Sheets 6 Volt

    Challenge N03               Challenge N26


    Spec Sheets 12 Volt

    Challenge DIN44            

    Challenge DIN55

    Challenge DIN66                Challenge DIN66H

    Challenge DIN77H

    Challenge DIN88                   Challenge DIN88H

    Challenge 55B24LS

    Challenge DC50MF          Challenge DC50LMF            Challenge DC50TAXI

    Challenge 55D23R           Challenge 55D23L

    Challenge M24-600

    Challenge 24DCM-600

    Challenge M27-720

    Challenge 27DCM-680     Challenge 27LDCM-680

    Challenge N70ZZMF         Challenge N70ZZLMF

    Challenge 31DCM-830

    Challenge N120            Challenge N120MF

    Challenge N150            Challenge N150MF

    Challenge N200            Challenge N200MF             Challenge MFN200A (EuroN200)


    Ctek Battery Chargers

    CTEK Brochure

    CTEK XC0.8

    CTEK XS0.8                CTEK MXS3.8                  CTEK MXS5.0      CTEK MXS5.0 Test and Charge

    CTEK MXS7.0              CTEK MXS10                  CTEK MXS25

    CTEK MXT4                 CTEK MXT14

    CTEK MXTS 40            CTEK MXTS 70

    CTEK Marine Brochure

    Ctek M100                  Ctek M200

    Ctek Troubleshooting



    CTEX MXS3.6 



    Deka Powersports Brochure

    Deka Powersports Application Guide



    Delkor Benefits

    Delkor Advantages

    Delkor Marine


    Dolphin Chargers

    Dolphin Chargers Brochure

    Dolphin Chargers Brochure Old



    Durst Catalogue



    Enerdrive ePower Inverters

    Enerdrive Battery Monitors



    Exide Extreme Brochure

    Exide Energystore RAPS

    Exide Energystore

    Exide Product Range

    Exide Gel

    Marathon Catalogue

    Marathon Operating Instructions

    Sprinter Catalogue

    Sprinter Operating Instructions



    Fullriver Catalogue

    Fullriver Terminal Configurations

    Fullriver Charging Instructions

    Choosing the right Fullriver battery

    Fullriver performance characteristics

    Fullriver charging guide

    Fullriver clean green recycling

    Fullriver testing guidelines

    What is the true cost of your battery

    Fullriver MSDS


    DC Series

    DC Series Brochure

    DC Introduction

    DC General Features

    DC Construction

    DC Applications

    DC7-12          DC12-12          DC20-12          DC26-12          DC35-12          DC40-12          DC50-12

    DC55-12        DC60-12          DC80-12          DC85-12          DC105-12        DC120-12        DC160-12

    DC210-12      DC260-12

    DC200-6        DC224-6          DC335-6           DC400-6


    DCG Series

    DCG Introduction

    DCG General Features

    DCG Construction

    DCG Applications

    DCG24-12        DCG31-12       DCG50-12        DCG77-12         DCG78-12         DCG88-12     



    HC Series

    HC series Brochure

    HC Series Application Guide

    HC Introduction

    HC Construction

    HC General Features

    HC14B            HC20               HC30                HC35                 HC44               HC60B             HC64

    HC65ST          HC75               HC80                HC100               HC105             HC110


    HGL Series

    HGL Series Brochure

    Fullriver Activfire Certificate

    HGL Construction

    HGL5-12          HGL7.2-12        HGL12-12        HGL18-12          HGL28-12        HGL35-12        HGL40-12

    HGL70-12        HGL100-12

    HGL5-6            HGL12-6


    Handy Chargers

    Handy Charger Specs


    Interstate Brochure

    Interstate/US Batteries Charging Instructions

    GC2 6V 232AH          U2500UCS 6V 280AH          U3050UCS 6V 340AH         UL16HC 6V 420AH

    GC8 8V 170AH       

    SRM-27 12V 100AH        U31TMX 12V 130AH        12VGCUTL 12V 155AH       U1850UCS 12V 220AH



    Intervolt Switch Mode Converters Brochure 

    Intervolt PSR Brochure


    Latronics Inverters

    Latronics Inverter Brochure

    Latronics Inverter Specifications

    Reasons to choose Latronics



    Lifeline Technical Manual



    Motobatt Catalogue 2012

    Motobatt Cross Reference

    Motobatt Catalogue 2010



    Challenge MSDS

    AC Delco MSDS

    Century MSDS Wet Batteries

    Century MSDS Dry Charged Batteries

    Century MSDS Sulphuric Acid

    Exide MSDS

    Fullriver MSDS

    Odyssey MSDS

    Optima MSDS

    Sulfuric Acid MSDS

    Varta Lead Acid MSDS

    Varta AGM MSDS



    Odyssey Extreme Brochure

    Odyssey Owners Manual

    Odyssey Warranty Statement

    Odyssey Application Guide

    Odyssey Technical Manual



    Optima US Catalogue

    Optima Commercial Brochure

    Red 6V1050         Red 35/25          Red 75/25          Red 34/34R         Red 34/78

    Blue 34M              Blue D34M         Blue D27M          Blue D31M

    Yellow D51/D51R       Yellow D75/25        Yellow D35        Yellow D34       Yellow D34/78    

    Yellow D31A               Yellow D31T



    Projecta BLT300

    Projecta Charge n Maintain

    Projecta DBM100

    Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kits Monocrystalline

    Projecta Intelli-Charge

    Projecta IC1500

    Projecta IC2500

    Projecta Intelli-Wave Inverters

    Projecta VSR100/VSR200 and VSR100K

    Projetca Workshop Chargers



    Redarc BMS Brochure

    Redarc BCDC20 Brochure

    Redarc BCDC1220-IGN Instruction Manual

    Redarc BCDC1225-LV Instruction Manual

    Redarc BCDC40 Brochure

    Redarc BCDC1240-LV Instruction Manual

    Redarc BCDC Truck Brochure

    Redarc EB Range Brochure

    Redarc Pure Sine Inverter Brochure

    Redarc SBI Brochure

    Redarc SBI Instruction Manual



    Sinergex Purecharge Brochure

    Sinergex Purecharge Series II User Manual



    Sonnenschein Gel Catalogue



    Trojan Specification Guide

    Trojan Choosing the Right Battery

    Trojan User Guide

    Trojan Industrial User Guide

    Trojan Golf Brochure

    Trojan Floor Machine Brochure

    Trojan Aerial Work Brochure

    Trojan Marine RV Brochure

    Trojan Renewable Power Brochure

    Trojan: Water, effects of impurities

    Trojan: Battery cable guide

    Trojan: Comparison of technologies

    Troja: Deep cycle battery storage

    Trojan T105          Trojan T145        Trojan J305        Trojan L16

    Trojan 27TMH       Trojan J150         Trojan J185 


    Tycab Cable

    Tycab Automotive Cable Brochure (This is handy for checking the amp rating of cable)



    Varta Automotive Catalogue

    Varta Start-Stop Brochure

    Varta Silver Brochure

    Varta Start-Stop OE Reference List

    Varta D15 Silver        Varta E38 Silver          Varta E44 Silver         Varta F18 Silver 

    Varta H3 Silver          

    Varta E39 AGM Plus          Varta G14 AGM Plus          Varta H15 AGM Plus



    Xantrex Truecharge2 Brochure

    Xantrex Truecharge2 Install Manual

    Xantrex Prosine Brochure

    Xantrex Prosine Setup Diagram