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    Delkor Battery Perth


    For even more info on the amazing Delkor batteries see the dedicated Delkor website. 


    Delkor Battery Perth

    A very high quality maintenance-free design at an affordable price.  Delkor continues to amaze us at the quality and durability, outlasting almost any other battery, whether it is in the demanding taxi market or consistently delivering power in extreme deep cycle situations.


    A Delkor battery also shines in the marine environment and can be used as a marine battery with a specially designed marine range capable of starting and deep cycling, give the best of both worlds.  Through our experience these are a great battery, outlasting the competitors and giving great reliability.  This is also true for the deep cycle range giving great reliability and longevity.


    Delkor - Marine Battery

    A Delkor battery uses a gas/liquid separator and has a very low self-discharge rate, making it a very-convenient, maintenance-free battery for consumer usage. View our brochure for a range of Delkor Batteries in Perth.


    For the very best demand Delkor Silver, Challenge Batteries is the exclusive WA distributor for this great range of batteries.  Delkor batteries already have a long standing reputation for outstanding performance and durability, however the Silver Calcium range has been introduced as an alternative option for those who have equipment working in severe conditions.

    Some benefits of Delkor Silver Calcium include:

    • Up to 30% more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) than standard lead acid batteries
    • Stronger plates for improved vibration resistance
    • Reduced amount of plate shedding and growth
    • Very low self discharge rate
    • Improved performance in extreme temperatures
    • all this adds up to longer service life than comparable Calcium/Calcium batteries



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    22EFR-680        22FR-680        22F-680




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