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    Ctek Battery Charger Perth | Ctek Perth


    New MXTS 40 in stock.

    Some great features including adjustable voltage power supply mode.

    Click here for current CTEK MXTS 40 brochure.

    Please call or email for pricing.

    10 reasons why you should choose a CTEK battery charger

    1. The battery charger are quite simply Best in Test – 3 years in a row, 2004, 2005, 2006 (Sweden, England and Finland).
    2. Thanks to unique design, a CTEK battery charger is designed for safety for users, sensitive electronic equipment and the battery.
    3. They have a unique in-house developed patented system.
    4. A CTEK battery charger is small and convenient and extremely simple to use – fully automatic too!
    5. A CTEK battery charger is durable and can be used in all types of weather (IP44-65 classed) and temperatures (-20°C – +50°C).
    6. The simple and handy design makes a CTEK battery charger easy to understand and lets you know what is going on.
    7. Their flexibility means that they have many different features, that a CTEK battery charger can be used on many different vehicles and lead-acid batteries.
    8. A lot of product, quality and service at a good price is one of CTEK's slogans.
    9. Many of the world's most prestigious car and motor bike makers extend their patronage by offering their customers a CTEK battery charger.
    10. Quality, service and responsibility.


    The XS0.8 is a favorite with people who have an extra car that doesn't get much use, leave the CTEK XS0.8 hooked up permanently and you know your vehicle will fire up whenever you need it.  Designed to maintain, not charge dead batteries, it also works great on motor bikes, boats and light trucks.


    If you need to recover your dead batteries we recommend the MXS5.0 or MXS7.0, great for cars, caravans, boats and many other applications, it even has a recondition mode for bringing dead batteries back to life.



    The MXS10, MXS15 and MXS25 are serious chargers, can be used in workshops, great for bigger caravans and large battery banks in boats.



    The M range is aimed at the marine market, the M45 is great for maintaining the battery on smaller trailer boats.  the M100, M200 and M300 are great for the medium to large boats depending on the size of your battery bank.



    Give the challenge team a call or email today and we will be happy to find the right charger for your needs.